S-Train 2016

Welcome to the First District NR, Sector Southeast New England – Sector Training (S-Train).  S-Train is a cooperative training effort between the Sector DCAPT, the five Divisions within Sector – South and the Coast Guard Command SSENE, Sector AUXLO.  Jointly the Sector Leadership created a Training Committee in order to organize and present this training opportunity.

The concept of S-Train is not a new one, but is somewhat new to this District in that nothing of this size or magnitude has ever been attempted.  Nationally S-Trains have already been successfully presented in various regions around the country.  Although the S-Train concept is still growing many more Districts and Sectors are exploring this option for its Regional Training and lower cost Financial benefits.

In January of this year Auxiliary and Coast Guard Leadership explored the concept and idea during our Sector Meeting while at the D-Train.  The Leadership immediately embraced the idea and so we formally created an S-Train Committee and began to aggressively move forward with the effort.

During the initial process of creating and setting up the S-Train Committee we discussed the types of training we would look to offer.  Due to many concerns passed on via that chain of leadership it was readily known to us that current training trends being offered were not of interest but only to a small segment of our membership.  In essence what a wider number of our members were looking for was something more in general, something new, something they would be interested in.  Hearing this call we decided to approach the membership and solicit their feedback.  Thus a survey process was created and in the end the training topics we will now offer at our October S-Train will be subject topics that have originated from the members.  Our objective right from the beginning has been to “give the members what they want.”

S-Train is open to all Auxiliary members of the District and we encourage any and all members to attend.

One of the major accomplishment that the Committee has strived for is to setup a working relationship with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  We have successfully achieved a “strategic partnership” status with the Academy which now offers us the opportunity to utilize this training facility for our S-Trains.  It is our goal and aspiration to continue this training effort.  There has already been Committee discussions to offer a Spring and Fall training session.  This will be further explored in the months to come.


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